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Renewable Propane

NPGA and its members share the goal of reducing emissions from propane. Propane plays an important role in the decarbonization of the economy. NPGA and its member companies have supported efforts to reduce the carbon intensity of the propane industry through the development of renewable propane and other technologies to dramatically reduce emissions through diesel displacement in school buses and as fuel at ports. Propane is a clean, methane-free fuel with zero ozone depletion potential, and which has been approved as a clean fuel by the Clean Air Act. Further, according to the EPA, propane has a source-site ratio of 1.01, equivalent to electricity produced by solar and wind power. NPGA member companies are committing millions of dollars annually on research and development of technologies in these efforts to reduce emissions and provide a low-carbon future for our industry. Working together, we are determined to support sound public policies that advance rapid decarbonization while ensuring a safe, reliable, and resilient energy supply that provides the affordable energy so many of our businesses and families need.

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