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Gas Stove Update: Steve Kaminski

Kitchen gas cooker with burning fire propane gas.

PERC has developed talking points should CSRs or others need readily available information on gas stoves.

Steve Kaminski, NPGA President and CEO

have been thrilled with the outpouring of support for energy choice as it pertains to gas stoves—from the halls of Congress to the grassroots dividends we have seen on social media.  As a follow up to my message last week on NPGA action related to gas stoves, I wanted to share additional information.


NPGA has been working with numerous members on Capitol Hill, including Representative Issa (R-CA).  Rep. Issa has introduced the Gas Act, which would prevent the Administration from banning gas stoves.  While this bill is a long shot to become law, it sends a strong message that Americans will not stand for agency overreach of this nature.  In addition, legislation has been introduced in Mississippi and Texas to protect gas stoves from Uncle Sam.  We anticipate continued activity across federal, state, and municipal governments in the coming weeks and months.

In addition to the data we have on stove emissions and ventilation, NPGA is gathering even more information to ensure that all policymakers understand the real data.  For example, NPGA has compiled state-by-state data of electric/gas stove usage and asthma rates, which not only fails to demonstrate any correlation between higher gas stove usage and higher asthma rates, but in fact, it suggests the opposite—states where gas stoves are used more than average tend to have lower than average rates of asthma.

NPGA has also cemented its strategy with its cross-industry coalition partners—should CPSC release a request for information, we are ready.  Finally, we are collaborating with PERC on consumer education around gas stoves.  PERC has developed talking points should CSRs or others need readily available information on gas stoves.  Steve Kaminski, NPGA President and CEO.

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